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The conversation.


Somewhere between Dean’s first and fourth drink, they have the conversation. Sam is treading carefully. These aren’t eggshells, they’re landmines, and there’s no going back. So he waits until after the drive, after the hunt, after checking into some shitty motel where the paint’s falling off; after the first, second, third drink, and when he says it, it’s gentle. 

"I miss him, too, you know." 

"Who?" Dean licks at the rim of his flask, catches Sam’s look, caps it with a frown.

"Dean. C’mon."

"Yeah, well, I don’t," Dean snaps. "Son of a bitch was asking for it. We told him. We all told him."

And just like that, it’s over. So Sam waits to try again.


Somewhere between the first and fourth week, Dean finds it in the back pocket of a pair of jeans. It’s crumpled and small and faded. But it’s there, the sloping scrawl of an address, pen on paper.

Meet me here. Go now.

Dean doesn’t know why he kept it. It’s from so long ago. But he did, and there it is. Something to keep the coat company. So he tucks it into the pocket of the coat, puts that back inside the trunk, and tells Sam he’s going for a drive.

It’s deserted when he gets there. Nothing, except maybe a rat or two. And Cas is missing, just like last time, but Dean doesn’t know how to help. This place isn’t important anymore. It never was. It’s just an address. Dean doesn’t know why he came, here, of all places. It doesn’t make any sense. But it never makes any sense.

He knows Cas won’t come. He just needs to be here for a while, alone. He just needs to know it’s okay to wait, even if the wait doesn’t pay off. Soon, it gets cold, so he puts the trenchcoat on, even if he feels all wrong inside it. He closes his eyes, and waits. 

Nothing, and no one in his head, either. Tell me. Tell me where to go now. Tell me what to do to get you back.

Not a sound.

"Is this what closure feels like?" Dean mutters at empty space. "Because it fucking sucks."

He takes the coat off and folds it again. Sam will be worried. He should get back. But he waits a little longer, and doesn’t know what he expects. 

"Look, I never told you. But you knew, right, Cas?" he whispers brokenly. The trenchcoat stays silent. "Please, just tell me you knew."


Dean is in the bathroom too long. Always too long.

He used to do this as a kid; Dean thinks that his brother doesn’t remember, but the images are burned into his mind, like so many others. Dean was silent for a long, long time. Didn’t talk, didn’t even communicate; not with gesture, not with noise.

Now it seems like things are hardly different; he speaks, sure, but he’s not really saying anything; and he’s staying in the bathroom too long.

Sam slams his fist on the door. “Dean,” he says, and there is no response from inside.

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Well, the person who normally works with newly-deceased Donald Westerly on his Thursday night bartending shifts is working — surprise surprise — tomorrow on Thursday, so that means Dean is now needlessly dressed in a suit and at a bar with Cas, waiting on Sam’s news from the morgue, while tonight’s bartender is making bedroom eyes at Cas.

“Definitely a wraith, though,” he mutters under his breath to Cas, taking a sip of whiskey. “An entry wound like that?”

“A kitsune would have produced a similar mark,” Cas reminds him snidely, and knocks back the entirety of his (seventh) drink in one go. Dean cringes.

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ssssh let’s pretend i was studying, i just read this 8.07 coda-fic and..i feel really HAPPY. It’s been so long since i read a coda-fic that i feel it could actually happen in canon. This is not an accusation to fic’s authors, it was a problem of the show. In season 7 was hard -at least for me- to imagine/write a dean/cas coda fic or a canon!, i feel that YES, Dean and Cas had this conversation in the 8.07 and it’s not over. So we can picture millions of ways they could end it..and this was another thing i missed *sigh* Ok…back to pretend study.

Signs and portents by aesc (PG-13)


Title, Rating: Signs and portents, PG-13
Author: aesc
Word Count: 2730
Warnings (including pairings other than Dean/Castiel): 
Summary: At first, Dean doesn’t really notice it: Dean and Castiel being mistaken as a couple.

Signs and portents is a hilarious take on what would happen if, instead of Sam and Dean being mistaken as a couple, Dean and Cas were mistaken as a couple. Hilarity ensues.

A short Dean/Cas fic in which Dean does not appear. Based on #spoilers for 8x08


“Why didn’t you go with them?” Sam says as the car’s tires squeal and Dean and Benny drive away. There’s anger in his voice, and he looks daggers at the passenger side of the car as though he could burn Benny out of the shotgun seat.

Castiel sighs and doesn’t answer. He’s thinking of that moment again, the one where he could have pushed and let his power  overwhelm and  forced him self up through that portal. The other time he chose not to go with them.

“Cas?” Sam’s voice comes as though from far away.

He forces himself to return to reality. “Sam.” He clears his throat. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Like hell it doesn’t. I could have handled things here alone.”

“As could I. Why didn’t you go with him?”

“Cause I can’t stand that vampire.” Sam’s lip curls. “Besides, your power’s still shaky from the trip. There’s no reason you should have to do this alone.”

“Yes, there is.” The words are out before he can help them.

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I’ve finally decided to go through my many many many many lists of bottom dean destiel fics and make a rec list since I keep seeing people ask for them.

A Lesson in Trust- Cas uses his angel mojo to experiment with bondage

A Sliver of White- Delicious porn

Adrenaline- They get the motel room to themselves

All I Ever Needed- Some fun after a hunt

All This Time- Time for a honeymoon

Panic Room Diaries- Remember when Castiel and Dean were in the panic room alone?

Animal Urges- I think the title speaks for itself

Because You’re Mine- Post ‘Caged Heat’, Dean gets jealous

Beneath a Moonless Sky- Castiel joins Dean to help him get over his sorrows

Between Two Points- Our favorite hunter helps Castiel see the light

Break Me- A bit of non-con but very hot

Coming Undone- One version of 6x20 (you know what)

Dark Heart- A favorite of mine (but not updated recently) Cas is a Vampire and Dean is a human slave he purchases then falls in love with

Desperation- A married Cas and Dean argue about whether or not to tell the daughter the truth about the monsters under the bed. They make up with sex ;)

Earth Angels- Cas visits Dean during his ‘apple pie life’ and tempts him away

Errands from Heaven- Dean: Blindfolded and tied up. That is all

Ethereal Punishment- Again non-con with Godstiel

Extra Terrestrial- Cas saves Dean from Azazel and he doesn’t sell his soul, but the price of being bonded to an Angel is a bit taxing for our poor hunter

Eyes on the Road, Hands on the Wheel- Dean teaches Cas to drive

Face of God- Dean wakes up and Cas is standing above him

Fire and Ice- Another porno o

For You I Bleed Myself Dry- I give you a quote: an angel sank to his knees and wrote promises on imperfect human skin.

He Is My Sin- Cas forces Dean to stop being in denial

His Angel’s Mark- Cas comes to Dean to claim him

Hot Blooded- They do it in the Impala

How the Mighty Fall- Cas will save Dean at any cost

I Keep Holding On- Castiel’s possessive

I Need You Like a Heart Needs a Beat- Dean and Cas in the beautiful room (yum)

In Our Solemn Hour- Dean goes to say ‘yes’ to Michael, Castiel ain’t having it!

Last Night on Earth- Dean won’t let Cas die a virgin

Leaves- Cas uses the elements to seduce Dean

Letting Go- Cas takes the lead

Lips- Dean tortures Cas with his lips the way he tortures all of us with his lips

Millions Upon Millions- This has a bit of horror in it, Leviathan Castiel

Never Enough- Dean can’t stop thinking about Castiel

Of Clothes and Caring- Angel lovin’

Of Creams and Angels- Castiel will take his Dean with whipped cream

Other Men Have Seen Angels But I Have Seen Thee- Dean and Cas let go and finally do it.

Paralyzer- Make up Sex!

Personal Jesus- I never go for Mpreg, but my God! The Castiel in this is so so so hot and the Dean is just perfect (he loves bottoming)

Point of No Return- Cas gets pissed when Dean banishes him and runs away

Punishment- Dean and Cas clean each other (some spanking)

Righteous Fury- Again Cas is angry with Dean

Rise to Grace- Dean plays with Cas’ wings

Satin Cradles, Bones Bite- A bit of bondage

Slight Change of Plan- The prison guard (Dean) ends up under the Prisoner (Cas)

Something New- Cas wants to go to the next step in his relationship with Dean

My Bloody Valentine Parody- You know what Cas is really hungry for

Substitution- Castiel disturbs one of Dean’s wet dreams

Swear to Me- Cas uses his dominant side to get Dean to see a reason to keep living

Taking Showers- Castiel visits Dean in the shower

The Curious Affliction of Feelings- Dean gets jealous of Balthazar and Cas’ relationship

The Four in Hand Knot- Dean helps Cas figure out how to tie his tie properly

The Love of an Angel- Sam gets Dean and Cas to realize that they like each other as more than friends

The Temptation- Dean lying and sweaty in the sun, Castiel can’t resist

This Little Bar- Dean flirts and Cas gets pissed

Thou Shalt Not Take the Lord’s Name in Vain- Dean better not say ‘God’ around Cas

To a Star in Heaven- Castiel heals Dean

Together We Burn- Cas wants Dean so bad it drives him nuts

Two Sides of the Same Coin- Sam and Bobby walk in on Dean and Cas together

Untouched- Dean turns twenty because he pisses off a witch, Cas finds this very appealing

We Are All Wearing Masks- Dean meets a masked stranger with perfect blue eyes

What God Wants- Godstiel decides to take what he wants, that means Dean

When Lessons Pay Off- Cas and Dean do some student teacher role play

Witch Hunt- Dean tries to clean a potion off Cas but it just gets messier