[Fic] As You Will


PG - Dean/Castiel - Alternate Universe: Victorian England, Misunderstandings, Marriage Proposals, Fluff and Angst

“No?” Castiel repeats, dumbly.

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It freaked him out, to be honest, how normal things were when he got them back. 

Well, normal being relative. 

Maybe Dean was a little more paranoid than usual, Cas a bit more reserved in his comments about insects, but otherwise life—and hunting—continued as usual.

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To Bring the Balance Back


In which there are a load of very insistent ravens who will not explain themselves; Sam despairs at the fact that zombie apocalypses are somehow normal for Winchesters; and Dean and Cas scar him for life and then fail to provide brain bleach. Jerks.

This was brilliant! It was pretty much based around one of their cases and the Destiel was just casually slipped in and it seemed real and right. It’s written is Sams point of view for the most part. Edgar Allan Poe references’ half way through really made me smile ”Bastards followed us all the way from fucking New Mexico. Hell, I even tried interrogating them about it on the off chance that they were, I don’t know, supernatural ravens, but not one fucking nevermore did they quoth.” Over all this fic was written in character and made me laugh in various places. 

Rating: R/NC-17
Word Count: 4,285

Read it HERE Author is obstinatrix

I read this one awhile ago, but it was totally worth the reread. It’s just a fun, short fic.

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Run For Your Father, Run For Your Mother →

A lot of the times, I’m unsatisfied with a lot of Rule-63 fic. I find that they adhere to rigid gender binaries without really exploring what it would mean for if Dean were a cis!woman. So I wrote this fic.

So, this is a fantastic little character study. I really enjoyed it.

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Ghost Dance →

In post-apocalyptic isolation, Castiel nurses Dean back to something like his former self, but will a time come when Dean’s recovered —and rediscovered— too much?

Oh, oh. This fic. It was painful to read. Iron bands around my ribs, heart-aching, crystalline pain. And oh so worth it. This fic is simply stunning. Ugh. It was so difficult and so beautiful. Ugh. I just can’t say enough.

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The Violin House →

The Apple Pie Life is a slow process, but Dean and Cas are getting there—until Cas is called for battle and Dean is forced to wait.

Oh gosh. This is pretty much everything I want in a fic. 

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Not Usually a Good Thing →

Five ways Castiel made Dean feel.

I’m a totally sucker for domestic bliss, so this fic was exactly what I needed.

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The Consequences of Falling →

A story in fifteen parts, in which the angel Castiel finds himself put in an untenable position, and consequentially loses his grace. In which he goes on a roadtrip with a demon, discovers the delights of tequila and french fries and pie, plays a starring role in a virgin sacrifice, is deflowered by his favourite Winchester, and then gets some very unpleasant news indeed.

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A Hole in the World →

Ugh. Aching, heartbreaking, beautiful. A fic wherein Dean ends up saying “yes” to Michael and Cas is left to deal with the consequences. This fic had me in tears.

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Anything Worth Dying For →

It’s the apocalypse, and this is the Book of Chuck

Although I’ve labeled this Destiel, at its heart, this fic is completely a group story. Not just Dean and Cas and Sam, but Bobby and Chuck and Jo and Ellen as well. It’s so well-written and lovingly woven together. It’s just freaking beautiful.

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